blackberry kush



Blackberry Kush is strain has an amazing aroma. Overall, it has a sweet berry aroma. It’s this berry flavor and aroma which makes Blackberry Kush such a crowd-pleasing strain and also give a unique favorite ness to it in the world. However, pungent and earthy undertones highlight the Afghani heritage of this strain.Its origin belongs to U.S.A or California.

blackberry kush
blackberry kush

 Kush is the child of the cannabis scene along with also a connoisseur’s favorite nowadays, and Blackberry Kush is no exception to this trend. Blackberry Kush is certainly a spectacle for all cannabis connoisseurs to behold and one of my favorites grows of all time.

 I felt honored just being in the room with this strain; just when you think it can not get any better than this, the beauty increases on a daily basis all the way.

 It generates indica flowers worthy of the hype, rock hard nugs with typical super beautiful structure. The buds themselves are a deep purple and dark green peppered with red to burnt amazing orange hairs of the strain.

blackberry kush
blackberry kush

 You can experience the flavor profile of this herb. If you’re fortunate enough to encounter a few quality Blackberry Kush concentrates. Blackberry Kush is a highly indica-dominant strain with the quiet appearance of OG Kush.


 Once again we encounter a Kush with many conflicting stories about genetics. However after much research and asking around my local cannabis community. I’m inclined to go with the most widely regarded concept: Blackberry Kush is a cross between the original Blackberry strain and the Afghani Landrace strain. Before some times a person tried to smoke something new then he invents blackberry kush.

 Not everyone can agree on the strain’s lineage, but everyone can agree on the indica dominance of this strain, either in appearance and effects. I can not think of a Kush I would recommend more than this.

If you haven’t tried this strain do yourself a favor and get some black berry kush from the near cannabis store located in your nearby. And if you can grow it at your home the best is to grow by yourselves. If you have tried it, get a little more! People use Blackberry for calming anxiety without too much sedation.

blackberry kush
blackberry kush

 Blackberry Kush has been demonstrated effective in treating chronic migraines, leading chronic pain, muscle relaxing, insomnia, and stress. It’s mostly suggested for indoor grows, although results from an outside garden are attainable.

 It’s a good, though not a yielder; individuals who develop this Kush do it for the sheer love and honor of it, not the commercial achievement. Afghani is a landrace strain that makes up the backbone of several modern cannabis.
 Blackberry is a fairly well-balanced Kush. Its flavor is a lot like it smells exotic. The strain has a distinct woodsy flavor and all the while quite dense and earthy undertones were there very hard to crush.

This is where the blackberry kush experience took a backseat to the other tastes but was still noticeable. The taste finishes with incense- or opium-like, the hashy flavor which coats the mouth and lips from the thick, viscous oil produced by the smoke. Blackberry Kush is a treat for sophisticated consumers.

blackberry kush
blackberry kush

Those new to cannabis world must see, this indica will possess a high THC material plus a great highness. You may expect somewhere between 18 and 22% THC. As compared to other ordinary weed they contain 6% to 8% THC. So you can imagine the highness of this kush, and you can find 20%THC normally in many Blackberry Kush flowers.

 As far the effects go, the indica heritage is exhibited making users feel that the strong body high. But not so much that this strain could be out of the question like an excellent daytime choice you found more fun at daytime with this kush.

 Even with the high indica dominance. The strain can still provide powerful Sativa euphoric feelings of happiness and an elevated mood you can notice this when this kush stones you.

You start laughing at your partner with whom you are smoking at a little thing which is nothing but your trippy imagination. Then suddenly this is possible that your partner then start laughing at you and all this shit can make your that day rememberable day for you.



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