strawberry kush


Strawberry Kush is origin into California, USA. It had been set up and hybrid here Strawberry Kush is the indica hybrid vehicle for cannabis newbies. It provides a sedation and pain relief without being over the top which gives you the new feelings. STRAWBERRY KUSH
The strawberry kush is direct descent by ansestors curates a joyful, uplifting psychological experience. At precisely the identical time, OG Kush that is potent provides a number of its signature body numbing effects that these are lightly having identical properties in strawberry kush.

Medical users like this strain primarily for pain and chronic anxiety from which the many of individuals having issues regarding this disease. As a bonus, Strawberry Kush was proven to generate a sort of care free arousal in individual customers. So, this is a superb choice for relaxing and spending a few quality one-on-one time with your spouse.


Strawberry Kush Smelling fruity and sweet, the Sour Diesel components appear to come chasing the notes off. Several versions exist, however, the most common version is a Sativa which gets its odor from the kush and its overall look and taste primarily in the Sour Diesel/Kush side of their family.

Sweet and fruity, very reminiscent of the raspberry and strawberry genetics — merely a hint of sharpness. Feels like a hybrid in that it includes a buzzing Sativa body power however the condition is supremely relaxed. It appeared to influence eyes and the face quite slowly, making it feel slightly tiring at times despite the body not feeling drowsy.
strawberry kush
It turned out to be a strain for pain distraction but didn’t appear to relieve it. Appetite stimulation, overall relaxation, and visual attention would be the primary medical benefits — advocated as an anytime form of medicine, just at higher doses could it get into the overwhelming location.

As is frequently the situation when smoking or vaporizing cannabis, the ramifications of this Strawberry Kush strain began to show themselves instantly. It started to notice a body buzz creep in after about 5 minutes.

I discovered it to be an outstanding supply of stress relief too.

In general, I would consider the Strawberry Kush strain for a fantastic introductory strain for new medical marijuana patients.

I think you should attempt strawberry kush if You’re suffering from any of this disease


While I smoke strawberry kush, I feel like Tingles immediately dash my head and mind while my body not just soothingly hastens – but feels GOOD! Wonderfully body high. Soft and deceivingly light since it will have weight. Both emotionally and physically.

The bliss induced by this strain translates for intercourse! Although, difficult to accomplish anything because you need to do is sit back and consume.strawberry kush

Soul-shakingly impactful while cherry sativa keeps you active and excited to participate. Head high moves into the trunk and makes distractedly dark. Haha, Oof. Hell, this is a feels bloated high. Makes things enormous and epic! Emotionally heightened while always impressed with everything!

Taking a star off because while the come down is excellent and nearly excessively lengthy, it’s hazy, key, and tender -zapping power and motivation.



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